A Pillar of Iron by Taylor Caldwell

This book is about the story of Marcus Tullius Cicero the famous Roman lawyer, philosopher and statesman.

Several historical characters are described the extent to which Cicero’s life is described by the author.

Jullius Caesar his childhood friend to whom Cicero always cheered despite some wrong political attitudes according to his point of view; Catilina his eternal enemy; Noe ben Joel a Jewish, a dearest friend and an intellectual who tried to convert Cicero to believe in the coming Messiah.

Even if his personal life was not easy with his marriage to Terentia, he adored her daughter Tullia. His son Marcus didn’t follow his father’s wish as a philosopher, he went to a military career instead.

The First and Second Triumvirate are interlaced with Cicero’s career. Cicero founded the first Public Library in Roma, I didn’t know about it. Caesar’s and Cicero’s assassination are described in a few paragraphs but we can shudder at the details.

According to the author’s note, she made an extensive research work that began in 1947 from Cicero’s diaries, from the historian Sallust and from his letters to Atticus and Julius Caesar. She translated hundreds of Cicero’s letters in the Vatican Library.

Since this book was first published in 1965, the author dedicated her book to the memory of President John F. Kennedy.

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