The Agony and the Ecstasy: A Biographical Novel of Michelangelo by Irving Stone

Page 40:

“But you have to agree that the work of art becomes noble in the degree to wich it represents the truth? Then sculpture will come closer to true form, for when you work the marble the figure emerges on all four sides.”

Page 41:

“Painting is perishable: a fire in the chapel, too much cold, and the paint begins to fade, crack. But stone is eternal! Nothing can destroy it. When the Florentines tore down the colosseum, what did they do with the blocks? Built them into new walls. And think of the Greek sculpture that is being dug up, twoo, three thousand years old. Show me a painting that’s two thousand yers old. Look at this Roman marble sarcophagus: as clear as strong as the day it was carved…”

Page 74:

Michelangelo mets Lucrezia at the Sculpture Garden.

Page 89:

“Now what is sculpture?….it is the art which, by removing all that is superfluous from the material under treatment, reduces it to that form designed in the artist’s mind..” – Bertoldo quoting Donatello

Page 150:

Madonna and the child

Page 426:

The rivalry against Leonardo’s paintings starts to bother Michelangelo.

Page 442:

After 3 years carving David, Pope Julius II ask Michelangelo to come to Rome,to carve 40 statues for his tomb in the center of St Peter’s Basilica.

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