The Retribution by Val McDermid

NetGalley kindly sent this uncorrected proof of this book.

Even after watching several episodes of the TV series Wire in the Blood , this is the first book I read by Val McDermid.

The plot is based on the escape of Jacko Vance which aim is to revenge his imprisonment due to a previous work of investigation performed by the Tony Hill and Carol Jordan.

Entwined with Jacko’s story, Tony and Carol started to investigate a serial killer who murdered street prostitutes and signed his victims post-mortem by making a tattoo on the inside of their wrist.

However the reader is driven to focus the attention into Vance’s final goal. Even Tony, an experienced psychologist, made a clear prognostic of Jacko’s mind classifying him as a true psychopath, he wasn’t able to foresee the full dimension of his fury against him and Carol.

The author managed to keep reader’s full attention into this chilling and gripping story.

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