The Two Dianas by Alexandre Dumas

The story of Diana de Poitiers (mistress of Henry II) and her daughter, Diana de Castro. In this first volume, the Battle of St. Quentin (1557) and the Siège de Calais are reported. Dumas had an unique way to write tremendous dialogs. It is curious how this book is not so well known.

At the Alexandre Dumas père Web Site, we found the explanation this book was in fact written with four hands, Dumas and Paul Meurice.

Both volumes are covered with plenty of historical facts, such as the French reconquest of Calais after more than 20 years under the English siege.

Already, we start to know the true character of Catherine de Medicis and her role on history, especially after Henry II’s death.

The figure of Mary Stuart plays an important role on this drama. The figure of the famous Ambroise Paré, the famous French surgeon is also introduced as well as his audacious surgical techniques which were able to save the Duke de Guise’s life during the battle of Calais.

Gabriel’s fate was presented by Nostradamus, as it follows:

“En joute, en amour, cettuy touchera
Le front du roy,
Et cornes ou bien trou sanglant mettra
Au front du roy,
Mais le veuille ou non, toujours blessera
Le front du roy ;
Enfin, l’aimera, puis, las ! le tuera
Dame du roy.”

The meetings between Gabriel and Henry II were terrifying one never knew which one will give the last word. The last sentence of this prophecy was only understood in the very end of this volume, it was in fact intriguing. However, the real facts occurred with Gabriel differed by the end provided by these authors. The sequel of The Two Dianas is Le Page Du Duc De Savoie.

A free version in French is available for download at: Les Deux Diane


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