Trade Wind by M. M. Kaye

Some nice quotes from this book should be mentioned:

All the sea is not deep enough to wash away blood relationship.

What is written is written…

Visit those you love, though your abode be distant,
And clouds and darkness have arisen between you…

This is the extraordinary story of Hero Hollis and Rory Frost which is settled in Zanzibar. The author did a splendid work by describing the story of this not-well know island during slavery in the 19th century, showing the unfair game between France and England in order to profit of these workers.

There are many controversial reviews on this book due to the rape´s scene without taking into account the plot itself. In my opinion, there is a tenuous line between rape and love in this episode. Perhaps that´s the reason for the author have not described it in detail, on the contrary. In this way, every reader must use its own imagination, guessing what really happened.


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