Regeneration (Regeneration #1) by Pat Barker

This is the story of Siegfried Sassoon an English poet, author and soldier who was decorated for bravery on the Western Front, and his mental treatment at Craiglockhart War Hospital.

He was treated by the psychiatrist Dr. William Rivers who has to decide if it’s appropriate to send Sassoon back to the front or not.

From Wikipedia: During the war, he worked as a RAMC captain at Craiglockhart War Hospital near Edinburgh, where he applied techniques of psychoanalysis to British officers suffering from various forms of neurosis brought on by their war experiences.

A brilliant book by Pat Barker and there are still two more books to come of this trilogy: The Eye in the Door and The Ghost Road

Behind the Lines (1997) is a movie based on this book, where Jonathan Pryce plays as Captain William Rivers (a very appropriate actor for this role) and James Wilby as Lt. Siegfried Sassoon.


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