Secret d’État: trilogy by Juliette Benzoni

Not so good book as I expected since I am quite interested in knowing the French version on the history of European Royalty. The main character is not so convincing and the plot has so many minor details which detour our attention from the historical fact itself.

The first book of this trilogy La chamber de la reine starts the saga of Sylvie Valaine who tries to escape from the villainous hands of Cardinal Richelieu. She is raised by the Vendome family and becomes Anne d’Autriche’s “fille d’honneur” in the middle of a climate of conspiracy and treachery. However, Sylvie is close watched by his childhood friend and guardian Francois de Vendome.

In this second book of this trilogy, Sylvie is obliged to marry La Ferriere who betrays her and Francois must prompt help her in order to save her virtue from the Cardinal.

The plot of this second book is much more interesting and it’s a real page-turner. A good reason to finish this trilogy and see what happens next.

This is the final book of the trilogy “Secret d’ Etat”.

Sylvie de Fontosomme saga continues when she retires to countryside in order to raise her children. His son’s father name remains as a mystery. However, Louis XIV ordered her to come back to the Court.

In page 81, we have a big surprise when the famous Dumas musketeer D’ Artagnan appears for the first time and takes place into the story.

Unfortunately this trilogy is only available in French, Spanish and Portuguese.


2 thoughts on “Secret d’État: trilogy by Juliette Benzoni

  1. How lucky for you, to be able to get much of Benzoni’s books in French. We poor sods in the US that don’t speak French don’t have much to choose from, but the Marianne books were awfully good.

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