La Dame de Monsoreau / Les Quarante-Cinq by Alexandre Dumas

La Reine Margot (1845), La Dame de Monsoreau (1846) and Les Quarante-Cinq (1847-1848) form the trilogy of the Wars of Religion and report historical events in the period 1572 to 1586.

This series differs from the previous Dumas trilogy since no one has to follow the story of a certain number of heroes over time or to report a remarkable historic event.

On the contrary, in this Valois trilogy, certain heroes markedly mark the narrative of each of the books: La Mole and Coconnas, Bussy, Ernauton of Cramainges respectively.

It should be pointed out that Chicot’s character stands out with his loyalty and his endless sense of humor in the last two books. This Gascon gentleman reminds D’Artagnan in Les Trois Mousquetaires and seems to have inspired Edmond Rostand in Le Count de Monte-Cristo.

Some beautiful pictures for these last two books can be found at Antique French Engravings.


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