La Comtesse De Salisbury by Alexandre Dumas

This is the sixth book written by Dumas in 1836 and another of the “Chroniques de France” series. It is first serial novel of the literature.

This is the political and historical story of Edward III and Philippe VI de Valois at the beginning of The Hundred Years’ War (1337-1453).

The first half of the book is mainly about the historical facts of the year 1338 – the Edwardian War (1337-1360), introducing the main characters, Alix de Granfton, Countess of Salisbury, among them.












In the second half, Dumas starts to show his own style of writing when all characters are entwined into the historical facts, such as Battle of Crecy and the siege to Calais. In 1889, Auguste Rodin completed one of the most famous sculptures, Les Bourgeois de Calais.


I didn’t know this book has a sequel:

Eduardo III: Novela. Continuacion de La Condesa de Salisbury

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