No Ordinary Woman: The Story of Mary Schäffer Warren by Janice Sanford Beck

Page 35:
…”the ordinary woman travels much better in a Pullman than with a pack train, and is much more efficient in parlor adventures than on long hard trails; for a trail appears much more flowery and poetic in print and picture than in reality. A wild country is an inhospitable country, and tries the intruder”s mettle in a thousand unexpected ways. While only a small percentage of seemingly sturdy men are fit for wild places, there are a hundred men to one woman whom could possibly ‘make good’ in wilderness expeditions. With men, the fault is in the “yellow streak” which civilized life does not readily betray; with women, it is the natural timidity, fastidiousness and love of ease.”

Page 72:
“Lake Louise is a pearl, Lake Maligne is a whole string of pearls.”

“Their search for signs of others revealed not a tepee-pole, not a charred stick, not even tracks of game; just masses of flowers, the lap-lap of the waters on the shore, the occasional reverberating roar of an avalanche, and [their] own voices, stilled by a nameless Presence.”

Page 105:
With the parks commissioner and several other civil servants behind the cause, few were surprised when a June 14, 1914, order-in-council enlarged Jasper Park to 4,400 square miles including Maligne Lake.

This is the story of Mary Schaffer Warren the first non-Native woman to explore vast areas of the Canadian Rockies.

I just discovered this magnificent book in a coffee shop in Lake Maligne during my visit to the Rockies last August, 2011. I will add my own pictures of this Lake later on.


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