Beyond all Frontiers by Emma Drummond

Beyond All FrontiersBeyond All Frontiers by Emma Drummond

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Nor look thee ‘ere beyond this kingdom
Beyond all frontiers of love an pain.
For thine eyes will tire and see no more
The truth. It will blind thee.


What a splendid and magnificent book written by Emma Drummond.

This is the story of Charlotte Scott and Richard Lingarde.

Charlotte returned to India in 1837 after her childhood spent in England. She is fascinated by the enchanting charm of Richard, an engineer of the British army. Charlotte and Richard marriage suffers some turmoil periods putting their love in a challenge for their own lives.

Richard is a close friend of Charlotte’s brother and this friendship will keep them alive especially during the massacre in the Khyber Pass, which is related to the first British occupation of Afghanistan also known as The Battle of Kabul in 1842.

Page 13:

“I have been in India since 1824 – ten years, and it seems like my whole lifetime. The mystique of this dammed civilization eats into a man until he loses all sense of time and his own identity.”

Page 14:
“The East is no place for men from the West unless they are prepared to surrender, not only their lives, but their souls.”

“We have not conquered this country. It is the reverse, you know. Beneath the riches and glory, it is the reverse.”

My only criticism to the plot is that the author should perhaps keep the first ending to the story since certainly all readers will survive to the faith of the main characters.

Since the author comes from a British military family, she shows all her skills in this military historical novel.

Thanks Misfit for recommending this fabulous book, I really appreciated this great reading.


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