The Prince of Eden by Marilyn Harris


The Prince of Eden (Eden, #2)The Prince of Eden by Marilyn Harris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My copy just arrived after a big research work in order to find an affordable price.

This is the second book of the Eden series.

In the first book, This Other Eden, we are introduced to the first members of the Eden family, namely Lord Thomas Eden and Marianne Locke.

In this second volume of this saga, their son, Edward Eden, starts this saga as The Prince of Eden.

As the formal heir of Eden’s fortune, even being a “bastard”, he uses his money in order to create a school for poor and abandoned children in his London home with the help of his loyal friend Daniel.

During a visit to the Eden Castle he falls in love with Harriet Powels, his brother’s fiancé and then….

I won’t spoil the whole story, on the contrary, there is too much to be followed with the plot itself and by this marvelous style of writing of Marilyn Harris.

The sequel of this book is The Eden Passion.



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