The Black Velvet Gown by Catherine Cookson


The Black Velvet GownThe Black Velvet Gown by Catherine Cookson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Just arrived from USA trough BM.

Page 165:

Books, books, books, I’d like to burn the lot. People are right, the gentry are right, the working class shouldn’t be allowed to handle them, the’re disturbers, trouble makers.

Page 218:

“In the main, ye happy, because they are satisfied with their lot; but teach them to hold a pen and to read from a page, then you are dropping seeds of discontent into their otherwise content lives.

This is the story of Riah Millican and their children, specially her daughter, Biddy, who has a natural gift for learning and reading.

When her husband dies, Riah found shelter for her family in Moor House where the master, Percival Miller, a reclusive former teacher, who will teach their children to read and write. Biddy became his favorite since she learned to love books through her dead father.

But then Riah sent Biddy to work in a laundry of a great house where she continues her passion for books which will bring her a lot of pain and troubles.

This is another magnificent book by Dame Cookson which has a TV movie based on this story The Black Velvet Gown (1991).


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