The Eden Passion by Marilyn Harris


The Eden Passion (Eden, #3)The Eden Passion by Marilyn Harris

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sequel of The Prince of Eden.

Page 7:
“Who are you?”….”My name is John Murrey Eden. My father was Edward Eden. I have come home.”

This book starts with John Murray Eden bringing his father’s body back to be buried in Eden Castle. He is left there by Elisabeth who comes back to London in order to start a new life for her.

However at Even Castle, John is not very well accepted by the remaining members of Eden’s family. He is rescued by his “aunt” Harriet to take place in his father’s room.

After a turmoil event (I won’t describe it here in order to avoid spoilers), John travels back to London without any money.

The Crimea‘s war and afterwards India during the Sepoy‘s rebellion were the way he could find a new way of life.

After his return to London his life will suffer another huge turmoil which will not be described here.

To learn what happens, you MUST read this book.

I am looking forward to read its sequel, The Women of Eden.


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