Ride with Me by Thomas B. Costain

Napoleon Crossing the Alps (David). In 1800 Bo...

Napoleon Crossing the Alps (David). In 1800 Bonaparte took the French Army across the Alps, eventually defeating the Austrians at Marengo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Ride with MeRide with Me by Thomas B. Costain


My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Buddy read with Dawn, Misfit and Sandi, starting in September 15.


Page 6:


“We’ve been taught we must remain French in everything, and must particularly in our thoughts. It’s hoped we shall be returning home soon.”


Page 14:


“I was talking to a group of big men in the government the other day…They agreed that the danger of invasion was over. Nelson ended it for all time in Trafalgar.”


Page 39:


“Have you any idea how serious the situation is? Listen to this. Prussia may go against us as well as Russia. Spain, Portugal, Sweden even, may be forced into the coalition. Austria doesn’t dare make a move, not a move. With his flanks protected, Bonaparte is free for the first time to throw his full power against us. And here we are, standing all alone.”


Page 40:


“No may be saying to himself this very minute, ‘It will be worth it if I can capture England and settle this war once and for all.’ Remember, he’s absolute now. As absolute as Genghis Khan was.”


Page 107:


“It was clear now that Napoleon did not intend to enter at once on the bloody gamble of an invasion of England but was proceeding instead with his plans to gobble up the Peninsula first.”


Page 227:


“There have been rumors for a long time that some of these mangy Frenchmen were sending information to General Bonaparte.”


Page 234:


“France is full of people with no loyalty for Napoleon.”


Page 344:


“It was over al last, the Napoleonic domination of Europe. No longer would it be necessary for Englishmen in scratch wigs to drill with broom-sticks.”


As usual Costain is a master of historical fiction books since he is able to intertwine accurate historical facts with characters that really play their role into the plot itself.


An interesting list of books set during the Napoleonic Wars can be found at Napoleonic Novels.


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