Sissi : L’Impératrice anarchiste by Catherine Clément

Sissi Buste

Sissi Buste (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sissi : L'Impératrice anarchisteSissi : L’Impératrice anarchiste by Catherine Clément

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Due to my recent travel to Vienna and Budapest, I decided to learn more about Sissi.

Some known and not so well-known facts (in no particular order) about Elisabeth’s life:

1- she loved to write poetry;

2- her first two daughters have been “stolen” and raised by her mother-in-law;

3- her son, Rudolf apparently committed suicide (or murdered??) in the so known Mayerling Incident, a shock from which Elizabeth never fully recovered; a movie Mayerling (1968) was made based on these facts;

4- she was obsessed by strict dietary habits;

5- her hair took 3 hours to be brushed;

6- she had a true passion for horses;

7- Hungary was her real country, despite to have been born in Austria.

By fate’s irony, she was murdered by an Italian anarchist, even if she was unconsciously anarchist herself.

The movies made with Romy Schneider acting as Sissi unfortunately are not so accurate regarding Elisabeth’s life.



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