Heart of War: A Novel by John Masters

Heart of War: A NovelHeart of War: A Novel by John Masters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second book of the Loss of Eden series.

This is the most impressive book on World War I I’ve read so far. The author provides a real dramatization of the battlefields of Flandres, Paschendaele and Verdun.

About the main characters:

Johnny Merritt, born in America, decides to leave his English wife to return home, enlists in the 16th Division, and he is among the first Americans to fight in this treacherous war.

Colonel Quentin Rowland lead for 15 months the command of the Weald Light Infantry: his admiration for his men makes him forgive his adjutant, Archie Campbell, for having fallen in love with his wife.

Guy Rowland, a RAF aviator who makes a strange friendship with his major adversary, a German aviator himself. He fell in love with Florinda Gorse.

Captain Boy Rowland falls in love with Lady Helen Durand-Beaulieu who defies custom and her family to bear his husband child.

Another not so popular themes is also taken into account by the author (considering that this book was published in 1980), such as the homosexuality among the soldiers and drug addict problems with Johnny’s wife.

I am looking forward to read the sequel of this book: By the Green of the Spring.

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