Sins of the Fathers by Susan Howatch

Sins of the FathersSins of the Fathers by Susan Howatch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is the sequel of The Rich are Different.

Even if I haven’s read the first book of this series, the author managed to keep track of the previous story into the present plot.

This is the story of Cornelius Van Zale and his family during the period of 1949 till 1967. Each part of the book is devoted to one of the main characters that became then the narrators of the story.

The author entwined several controversial themes, such as adultery, murder, alcoholism, impotence, health problems among other without losing the focus in the main plot.

In my opinion, Susan Howatch is a master of the story-teller and her stories are quite unpredictable and very complex also.

Some other books I do recommend are Penmarric (1971), Cashelmara (1974) and The Wheel of Fortune (1984).

5* Penmarric
5* Cashelmara
4* The Shrouded Walls
3* April’s Grave
3* The Devil on Lammas Night
5* The Wheel of Fortune
4* Sins of the Fathers



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