Books about artists available at Project Gutenberg: free e-books

Project Gutenberg is publishing the  “Masterpieces in Colour” Series, which includes some artists as below (in no particular order:

VELAZQUEZ. by S.L. Bensusan.

REYNOLDS: 1723-1792 by S.L. Bensusan.

TURNER: 1775-1851 by C. Lewis Hind.

ROMNEY. by C. Lewis Hind.

BOTTICELLI. by Henry B. Binns.

BELLINI. by George Hay.

FRA ANGELICO: 1387-1455 by James Mason.

REMBRANDT. by Josef Israels.

LEIGHTON: 1830-1897 by A. Lys Baldry.

HOLMAN HUNT:1827-1910 by Mary E. Coleridge.

MILLAIS:1829-1896 by A. Lys Baldry.

CARLO DOLCI . by George Hay.

GAINSBOROUGH. by Max Rothschild.

LEONARDO DA VINCI by M. W. Brockwell.

RUBENS. by S. L. Bensusan.

WHISTLER: 1834-1903 by T. Martin Wood.

BURNE-JONES: 1833-1898 by A. Lys Baldry.

VIGÉE LE BRUN: 1755-1842 by C. Haldane MacFall.

CHARDIN. by Paul G. Konody.

CONSTABLE: 1776-1837 by C. Lewis Hind.

RAEBURN: 1756-1823 by James L. Caw.

DÜRER: 1471-1528 by H. E. A. Furst.

WATTEAU: 1684-1721 by C. Lewis Hind.

COROT: 1796-1875 by Sidney Allnutt.

MURILLO: 1618-1682 by S. L. Bensusan

HOGARTH: 1697-1764 by C. Lewis Hind.

FILIPPO LIPPI: 1406-1469 by Paul G. Konody

DELACROIX: 1798-1863 by Paul G. Konody

BOUCHER by Haldane MacFall.



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