Brat Farrar by Josephine Tey

Brat FarrarBrat Farrar by Josephine Tey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Free download at Project Gutenberg Australia

Chapter 1:

“At this same table had eaten Ashbys who had died of fever in India, of wounds in the Crimea, of starvation in Queensland, of typhoid at the Cape, and of cirrhosis of the liver in the Straits Settlements. But always there had been an Ashby at Latchetts; and they had done well by the land.”

“No queens had come to Latchetts to dine; no cavaliers to hide. For three hundred years it had stood in its meadows very much as it stood now; a yeoman’s dwelling. And for nearly two of those three hundred years Ashbys had lived in it.”
“But the Ashbys stayed at Latchetts.”

Chapter 18:

“Antipathy or no antipathy, common sense or no common sense, he wanted to know where Simon Ashby was when his twin went over the Westover cliffs.”

Page 176:

“Some day, Brat Farrar, he thought as he walked down the path to the Rectory, you are going to be faced with something that you couldn’t possibly have forgotten.”

Page 219:

“I suppose because you are the only one who doesn’t believe that I am Patrick.”
“You mean, don’t you, that I’m the only one who knows you’re not?””

Another splendid gothic mystery written by Josephine Tey which books are becoming available at public domain.

There is a TV series based on this book: Brat Farrar (TV 1986)



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