Dear Sarah Bernhardt by Françoise Sagan

English: Sarah Bernhardt, portrait by Nadar (d...

English: Sarah Bernhardt, portrait by Nadar (d. 1910) Português: Sarah Bernhardt, fotografia de Nadar (d. 1910) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Dear Sarah BernhardtDear Sarah Bernhardt by Françoise Sagan

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


A splendid and amazing biography of Sarah Bernhardt written by Françoise Sagan as letters exchanged by these two great French personalities.


This book is like a mirror biography where both characters are reflected, a quite original idea, specially considering this a non-fiction book.


Sarah was a very controversial actress, ahead of her time, who knew great historical writers, such as Marcel Proust, Edmond Rostand, Victor Hugo among others.


Even in the end of her life with a lot of sufferance, she never gave up of her good humor her joy for life. That’s why in the original version of this book, the sub-tittle is “le fire incassable” (the unbreakable laughter).


It should be noticed that Sarah died in 1923 while this book was written in 1988! Françoise says: “you know what? I hope you will continue under the earth when they put me there. Is it possible to have communication from a grave to another?”




English: Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923)

English: Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Georges Clairin (1843–1919): Sarah Bernhardt. Oil on canvas.


An interesting link to be visited: The Sarah Bernhardt Pages.


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