New York Sketches by Jesse Lynch Williams

New York SketchesNew York Sketches by Jesse Lynch Williams

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Free download available at Project Gutenberg

On the Harlem River—University Heights from Fort George.

Page 7:
If you go up toward the bridge from South Ferry a block or so and pull down your hat-brim far enough to hide the tower of the Produce Exchange, you have a bit of old New Amsterdam, just as it has been for years, so old and so Amsterdamish, with its long, sloping roofs, gable windows, and even wooden- shoe-like canal-boats, that you may easily feel that you are in Holland, if you like.

Page 13:
For those who do not care to prowl about for the scattered bits of interest or who prefer what Baedeker would call “a magnificent panorama,” there are plenty of good points of vantage from which to see whole sections at once, such as the Statue of Liberty or the tops of high buildings, or, obviously, Brooklyn Bridge, which is so very obvious that many Manhattanese would never make use of this opportunity were it not for an occasional out-of-town visitor on their hands.

Page 17: Even in sky-line he could find something new almost every week or two.

The end of the day—looking back at Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge.

Page 19: For the little scenes … quaint and lovable, one goes down along the South Street water-front.

Smacks and oyster-floats near Fulton Market. (At the foot of Beekman Street, East River.)

Page 21: This is the tired city’s playground.

Washington Bridge and the Speedway—Harlem River looking south.

Page 59:

Approaching St. Thomas’s.

Page 65:

Down near the eastern end of the street.

Page 93:

Herald Square

Page 121:

Another Kind of City Life—Along the Marshes of Jamaica Bay.

Page 127: A Peaceful Scene in New York.

In the distance is St. Andrew’s Church, Borough of Richmond, Staten Island.



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