Guernica by Dave Boling

Ruins of Guernica (1937). The Spanish civil wa...

Ruins of Guernica (1937). The Spanish civil war claimed the lives of over half-a-million people. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


GuernicaGuernica by Dave Boling


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Page 13:


From medieval times, Guernica was a crossroads of the old Romain Way and the Fish and Wine Route that wound through the hills inland from the sea. Intersecting them both was the pilgrim’s route to Santiago de Compostela.



Page 215:


Following the initial debriefing, von Richthofen sent a quick message to his superiors: “The concentrated air attack on Guernica was the greatest success.” …He had never expended more resources toward the destruction of a single target, and the town of Guernica had been leveled without a Condor casualty.


Page 225-226:


From Friday’s edition of L’Humanite, Picasso read the stories of the priest’s moving speech. Picasso could see the sky he described. He could feel the fear of the people and could hear the explosions.


Page 226:


Images formed and splintered in Picasso’s mind, with the classic symbols of Spain anchored in his consciousness, splayed by unseen torment. This should be his mural, his Guernica.



An interesting link suggested by the author: Gernika Peace Museum Foundation.




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