A Future Arrived by Phillip Rock

A Future Arrived (Passing Bells, #3)A Future Arrived by Phillip Rock

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the final book of the trilogy The Passing Bells.

Even if the first part of this book is quite boring, making the reader to lose the interest of the plot, in the following parts the author managed to regain the proper narrative.

Location 2905:

I trust my heart. I know there must be millions of people in Germany who are as dismayed by Hitler‘s excesses as we are. The nation of Goethe, after all, as well as Nietzsche. Those people must be encouraged to add their voices to the cry for peace.

Location 3232:

Our General Dyer massacred Hindus at Amritsar in nineteen and now we let the Mahatma march past out armed cars and place flowers on the machine guns.

Location 4379:

There is apathy in France. A shrug of the shoulder. A gesture with the hands. Hitler will take what he wants. There is no point in treaties. The Maginot line stands sullen and powerful from the Ardennes to the Swiss border. There is no danger to the west. Hitler would never bloody his legions against French cannon.

4* The Passing Bells
4* Circles of Time
3* A Future Arrived



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