Pembroke by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

English: American writer Mary E. Wilkins Freeman.

English: American writer Mary E. Wilkins Freeman. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Pembroke (Illustrated Edition) (Dodo Press)Pembroke (Illustrated Edition) by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman

My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Free download available at Project Gutenberg.


Opening lines:
Pembroke was originally intended as a study of the human will in several New England characters, in different phases of disease and abnormal development, and to prove, especially in the most marked case, the truth of a theory that its cure depended entirely upon the capacity of the individual for a love which could rise above all considerations of self, as Barnabas Thayer’s love for Charlotte Barnard finally did.


While Barnabas Thayer is the most pronounced exemplification of this theory, and while he, being drawn from life, originally suggested the scheme of the study, a number of the other characters, notably Deborah Thayer, Richard Alger, and Cephas Barnard, are instances of the same spiritual disease. Barnabas to me was as much the victim of disease as a man with curvature of the spine; he was incapable of straightening himself to his former stature until he had laid hands upon a more purely unselfish love than he had ever known, through his anxiety for Charlotte, and so raised himself to his own level.




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