My Lady’s Money by Wilkie Collins

Portrait of Wilkie Collins. Paiting in the Nat...

Portrait of Wilkie Collins. Paiting in the National Portrait Gallery, London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My Lady's MoneyMy Lady’s Money by Wilkie Collins


My rating: 3 of 5 stars


Free download available at Project Gutenberg.


Opening line:
OLD Lady Lydiard sat meditating by the fireside, with three letters lying open on her lap.


Page 6:


“I hate the very name of them! A person who is near enough to me to be my relation and far enough off from me to be my sweetheart, is a double-faced sort of person that I don’t like.


Page 60:


“You will admit, madam,” Mr. Troy answered cautiously, “that we are all of us liable, in this wicked world, to be the victims of appearances.


The plot involves a mystery about a banknote for 500 pounds which has been stolen from Lady Lydiard out of an unsealed letter. Entwined with this main plot there is a love story involving Isabel, beloved companion of Lady Lydiard and two men who fight for her love.


Despite this book is not so famous as the other works by this author, the plot pictures quite the Victorian style of life and the mystery involved in this story.


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4* The Frozen Deep
4* The Haunted Hotel
4* The Law and the Lady
4* No Name
3* My Lady’s Money
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TBR Blind Love
TBR The Dead Secret
TBR Armadale


About Wilkie Collins: Wilkie Collins: A Critical and Biographical Study by Dorothy L. Sayers




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