Review: Fire from Heaven by Mary Renault

English: Busts of Alexander the Great and Heph...

English: Busts of Alexander the Great and Hephaestion, at the Getty Villa Museum in Malibu, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fire from Heaven (Alexander the Great, #1)Fire from Heaven by Mary Renault

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This is the first book of the trilogy Alexander the Great.


In this book, the author mainly describes Alexander’s childhood and youth showing his relationship with his father – KIng Philip II of Macedon and his mother, Queen Olympias.


Along the plot, the author also introduces Alexander’s relationship with Hephaistion who may (or may not) have been his lover.


The careful research work made by the author is a typical characteristic of Mary Renault, one never gets disappointed with her historical novels.


The sequel of this book is The Persian Boy followed by Funeral Games.


I have seen the movie Alexander directed by Oliver Stone which is allegedly based on this book.



But certainly I would prefer the older version Alexander the Great (1956) of this movie with Richard Burton, Fredric March, Claire Bloom.




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