Review: Le noeud de vipères by François Mauriac

English: François Mauriac

English: François Mauriac (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Le noeud de vipèresLe noeud de vipères by François Mauriac

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This is the story of Louis, a French lawyer, who writes a confession letter to his wife, just before his death.


In this drama, Mauriac shows the lack of communication between the members of a typical French family, showing how a viper’s tangle may come up with this lack of comprehension among them.


According to the author, this is “story of a blind man by his passions, who believes hate his wife and children and love only money, while his nature, if he had followed, would have led to the love of God.”


The cover of this book, L’après-midi bourgeoise ou La famille Terrasse by Pierre Bonnard (1900), gives a good idea about the plot of this book.




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