Review: Tilly Trotter by Catherine Cookson

Tilly Trotter Tilly Trotter by Catherine Cookson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book of the Tilly Trotter tetralogy.

In this book, the author describes the tough life of a young woman who was raised by her grandparents and struggles to survive after their death.

She became a governess of Mark Sopwith’s children but she looses her job quite soon.

In order to survive, she accepts to live with the Drews and start to work in a mining filed which belongs to her old master.

Due a collapse in his mining, Mark and Tilly will have their destiny changed forever.

To worsen things, due to a scandal involving missing money, Tilly is considered as a witch by the local villagers.

I do love Catherine Cookson books since she knows how to go deepen in her characters, showing all human nature.

Tilly saga continues with “Tilly Trotter Wed”, “Tilly Trotter Widowed.” and Tilly Alone.”

Page 160:

‘Everything in life has to be paid for and I’ve never been in debt yet, so there’s no doubt, my dear, that you will, and with interest.’

Page 370:

She knew she was being mealy-mouthed, but she couldn’t say, it’s lovely, ‘cos as her granny would have said, never believe what the mirror tell you ‘cos you only see what you want to see.

Page 394:

‘He has hardly anything in his house but books, just the bare necessities and book.’

Page 396:

‘What is your mind, Trotter, and in the minds of most of your class is that you are the only people who suffer indignities, the only people who haven’t any chance of excitement, these you make yourself believe are prerogatives of the upper class. Now, I am right?’

Page 416:

She knew what happened to serving girls who gave in to masters. Oh yes, she knew that well enough.


4* Feathers in the Fire
5* Katie Mulholland
4* The Mallen Streak
5* The Black Velvet Gown
4* Tilly Trotter
TBR Tilly Trotter Wed
TBR Tilly Trotter Widowed
TBR Tilly Alone
TBR The Rag Nymph
TBR The Mallen Girl
TBR The Mallen Litter
TBR The Maltese Angel
TBR Our Kate (author’s biography)
TBR The Fifteen Streets



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