Review: Ratcatcher by James McGee

Ratcatcher (Matthew Hawkwood, #1)Ratcatcher by James McGee

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Just arrived from UK through BM.


This is a historical and mystery novel which is based on the Regency London.


The most interesting part of this book is showing the first attempt of the construction of an undersea boat by Robert Fulton, in December of 1799.


The idea of this American inventor was to use his weapon by the French government a giant the British Navy after Bonaparte fall.


The Nautilus was then built at the Perrier workshop in Rouen and was successfully tested and sailed first in July 1800 on the Seine River.


In the above drawing, the torpedo – P – can also be seen. This device was also invented by Fulton.


Jules Verne in his Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea was also inspired by Fulton’s Nautilus.



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