Book review: Tilly Trotter Wed by Catherine Cookson

Tilly Trotter WedTilly Trotter Wed by Catherine Cookson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second book of Tilly Trotter tetralogy.

Tilly’s saga continues by showing her involvement with Mark and Matthew and they struggled to survive in the wild Texas with the constant and bloody attacks from the Comanches.

Another unforgettable tale written in such an engaging and moving way that we cannot feel the plot drops for any moment.

That is why I am a big fan of these old ladies romances. And all Cookson characters show how they managed to endure their tough life, in spite of tragedies coming up around them all the time.

Another magnificent book written by Dame Cookson. It seems there are too many autobiographical aspects in her stories. But I won’t read Our Kate before reading some more books.

The sequel of this book is Tilly Trotter Widowed and the final volume of this saga is Tilly Alone.

4* Feathers in the Fire
5* Katie Mulholland
4* The Mallen Streak
5* The Black Velvet Gown
4* Tilly Trotter
5* Tilly Trotter Wed
TR Tilly Trotter Widowed
TR Tilly Alone
TR The Mallen Girl
TR The Mallen Litter
TR The Rag Nymph
TR The Fifteen Streets
TR The Maltese Angel


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