Book review: Armadale by Wilkie Collins

Armadale (Oxford World's Classics)Armadale by Wilkie Collins

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Free download available at Project Gutenberg.

And the audio version is available at LibriVox.

To all readers: read the Prologue carefully since it will give all the main hints to the narrative.

Another magnificent and suspenseful story written by Wilkie Collins, my favorite so far.

Major Characters:
Allan Armadale
Ozias Midwinter – His friend
Lydia Gwilt – Forger and laudanum addict, the anti-heroine of the novel

Minor characters:
Decimus Brock – A minister and friend of Alan Armadale and Ozias Midwinter. He is a correspondent of Ozias Midwinter and privy to his secret
Mrs Maria Oldershaw – owner of the Laadies’ Toilet Repository and Lydia Gwilt’s co-conspirator
Allan Armadale (1st) – Father of Allan Armadale (2nd)
Allan Armadale (2nd) – Son of Allan Armadale (1st) and father of the main character Allan Armadale
Allan Armadale (3rd) – Father of Ozias Midwinter and murderer of Allan Armadale (2nd)
Mr. Neal – Stepfather to Ozias Midwinter
Mr. Bashwood; Lydia Gwilt’s admirer and Allan Armadale’s steward
Miss Milroy; resident of Thorpe Ambrose and neighbor to Allan Armadale, later to be Armadale’s fiancée
Augustus Pedgift, Sr. – lawyer and adviser to Allan Armadale
Augustus Pedgift, Jr. – Pedgift’s son , a junior lawyer and friend to Allan Armadale
Dr. Downward – criminal associate of Mrs. Oldershaw, later the founder & operator of Friendvale Sanatorium
Captain Manuel – one of Lydia’s Gwilt’s former husbands

First edition cover, which was first published in serial form in Cornhill Magazine in 20 monthly installments from November 1864 until June 1866.

There is TV series Der rote Schal (1973) which was made based on this book, with Ellen Schwiers as Lydia Gwilt, Heinz Ehrenfreund as Allan Armadale, Fred Haltiner as Ozias Midwinter.

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