Book review: Coopers Island by Steve Schach and Sharon Stein

Coopers IslandCoopers Island by Steve Schach

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Since the plot is already described somewhere else, I won’t be repetitive here.

As a physicist I knew from the beginning that the element 61 – Promethium, is a radioactive element and its main properties, among others, are used though beta decay to more stable elements. In this way, this chemical element could not be used as a metal alloy, as clarified by the authors in their Afterword. This fact kept me curious during the whole plot until the end of the book.

Another interesting and curious fact about Coopers Island (also pointed out by the authors): Ulva Island is located within Paterson Inlet which is part of Stewart Island/Rakiura; it was named after the island of Ulva in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland and was formerly called Coopers Island.

Since I’ve already visited New Zealand, I could enjoy the decryption of the beautiful landscape of this amazing and captivating country.

As overall, this book gives us a good entertainment reading with an excellent espionage plot, involving two very well-known historical figures: General Montgomery and Admiral Canaris. The espionage work from both sides certainly played an important role on the development of World War II.


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