Book review: Our Kate by Catherine Cookson

Our KateOur Kate by Catherine Cookson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just arrived from Perth, Australia through BM.

This is the autobiography of Catherine Cookson showing how hard was her life since she was very young. It should be noticed that the title refers to her mother since her own life was strongly influenced by “Our Kate”.

Loreto at St Helens Park Road used to be owned by Catherine Cookson.

Page 45:

“I must have started going for the beer (for her mother – Our Kate) when I was seven.”

Page 62

“One night I went into the kitchen and said to our Kate, “What’s a bax…tard, Kate?” She looked at me. “A bax…tard? What do you mean? A bax…tard?”

Page 78

“The outcome of my nerve-racking experience was my fourth novel, Maggie Rowan.”

Page 109

“I remember very distinctly the day in nineteen hundred and fourteen when the First World War broke out. I sat a long while on the slack bank looking across the timbers over the gut to where the ships were passing up and down the river. I was waiting for the battle to begin – I couldn’t understand why they were so long about it.”

Page 183

“I remember an old lady asking me now I had become educated since I had apparently been working from an early age and was now working in a laundry.”

Page 209

“After the loss of my first baby in St Albans I discovered, while forced to lie in bed, I could draw.”

Page 225

“I knew that I was going to make money out of this book (Kate Hannigan), thousands and thousands. You read in the papers about the money authors made, look at Somerset Maugham. Why not Catherine Cookson?”


4* Feathers in the Fire
5* Katie Mulholland
4* The Mallen Streak
5* The Black Velvet Gown
4* Tilly Trotter
5* Tilly Trotter Wed
4* Our Kate
TR Tilly Trotter Widowed
TR Tilly Alone
TR The Mallen Girl
TR The Mallen Litter
TR The Rag Nymph
TR The Fifteen Streets
TR The Maltese Angel


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