Book review: The Castaway by Aaron Fletcher

The Castaway (New Zealanders #1)The Castaway by Aaron Fletcher

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Just arrived from USA through BM.

This is the first book of the series of the New Zealanders.

This is the story of William Pollard, a deserter from a British warship bound for Australia and Tairata, a Maori princess who would betray her tribe for her love to Pollard.

The book describes the Maori’s primate life in the South Island, New Zealand. At that time, the Maoris didn’t have weapons with powder guns and they survived with all the nature provided to them. Pollard is accepted by then and as a proof of his loyalty, his face is tattooed by them, in the Maori way of recognizing as their own tribe.

Once Pollard met a British mate, they travel together to Australia. There, Pollard will be introduced to Jessica Spencer, a very independent blind British woman. And then, their lives will changed forever.

A surprisingly good book even if the beginning it gave a false impression of being a historical romance book instead of a historical fiction.

Since I have the pleasure to visit this beautiful country a few years ago, I could deeply follow the description of the wild nature described by the author.

The sequel of this book is The Founders.


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