Book review: Tilly Trotter Widowed by Catherine Cookson

Tilly Trotter WidowedTilly Trotter Widowed by Catherine Cookson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the third volume of the Tilly Trotter’s tetralogy.

Tilly’s saga continues, when she returns back home after her stay in Texas with her late husband Matthew. She brings back her son Willy and her adopted Mexican daughter Josefina.

Old loves and enmities are still coming up as part of Tilly’s faith.

Page 82:

Last night she had lain for hour pondering on her life that could be said to be uneventful looked at from the outside, but which underneath the surface had been filled with tragedy since she was a child: her father dying in strange circumstances; her mother fading away afterwards; then herself being brought up by her grandparents on stolen money that had lain hidden for years; her persecution by the villagers, through which, inadvertently, she had been  accused of the death of two men; her succumbing to the love of the owner of this manor, and ghee constant attendance on him for twelve years until the day he died; then her bearing him a child, and finally marrying his son.


4* Feathers in the Fire
5* Katie Mulholland
5* The Black Velvet Gown
5* The Rag Nymph
4* The Black Candle
3* Colour Blind
4* The Dwelling Place
4* The Glass Virgin

The Mallen Trilogy:
4* The Mallen Streak
2* The Mallen Girl
3* The Mallen Litter

Tilly Trotter Trilogy:
4* Tilly Trotter
5* Tilly Trotter Wed
4 Tilly Trotter Widowed
TR Tilly Alone

4* Our Kate

TR The Fifteen Streets
TR The Maltese Angel
TR The Cinder Path
TR The Wingless Bird
TR The Round Tower
TR The Girl
TR The Silent Lady


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