Book review: Kenilworth by Walter Scott

KenilworthKenilworth by Walter Scott

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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Due to the Scottish Independence Referendum, which occurred in Sept. 18, I decided to read a couple of books written by two great Scottish writers: The Master of Ballantrae (see my review here) by Robert L. Stevenson and the present book.

The love affair between Queen Elizabeth I and Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, is very well-known and has been described in several books.

However the role played by Amy Robsart, Dudley’s wife, into this plot was never put in a first plan, on the contrary.

The Kenilworth Castle – Dudley’s castle to which the tittle refers played an important historical role, from the Siege of Kenilworth in 1266 to the scene of the removal of Edward II from the English throne.

Even if this book has some historical inaccuracies, such as the circumstances of Amy Robsart’s death as well as the real date of her death (Sept. 8, 1560), Scott manages quite well to write a masterpiece on this historical period.

Two TV series were made based on this book: Kenilworth (1957– ) and Kenilworth (1967– ) with Jeremy Brett, John Bryans, John Fraser.

4* Rob Roy
3* The Heart of Mid-Lothian
4* Ivanhoe
3* Waverley
4* The Fair Maid of Perth
4* The Bride of Lammermoor
$* Kenilworth
TR The Monastery
TR The Pirate
TR The Waverly Novels: Anne of Geierstein
TR The Two Drovers
TR The Antiquary
TR The Lady of the Lake
TR The Talisman

3 thoughts on “Book review: Kenilworth by Walter Scott

  1. I got onto a Walter Scott kick several years ago and read several of his books back to back. His style took some getting used to, but once I got into the rhythm, I didn’t want to stop. I may need to pick him up again. Thanks for the review.

    • It’s my pleasure James. I must confess that the beginning of his books is always hard to follow. But once you start keep track of the plot, you won’t be able to stop reading it.

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