Book review: This Real Night by Rebecca West

This Real NightThis Real Night by Rebecca West

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book is the sequel of “The Fountain Overflows”, being the second book of the Aubrey trilogy.

The plot follows the lives of the main characters which were described in the first volume of this series.

The author takes the reader 5 year later on, after their father disappearance and showing how the children have grew up and starting a new period of their lives – their adulthood.

Then World War I begins and their destinies will take a new turnover.

Its sequel is Cousin Rosamund.

Aubrey Trilogy:
5* The Fountain Overflows
3* This Real Night
TR Cousin Rosamund

3* The Return of the Soldier
TR The Thinking Reed
TR Harriet Hume
TR Sunflower
TR Black Lamb and Grey Falcon
TR The Birds Fall Down


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