Book review: Carthage by Joyce Carol Oates

CarthageCarthage by Joyce Carol Oates

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the story of the Mayfield’s family: Zeno and his wife and two sisters, Juliet, who is engaged to Brett Kincaid, and Cressida, a misfit and possibly autistic girl.

After the tourists attack of 9/11, Juliet’s fiancee decides to enlist. However, he came home severely injured and baldly traumatized by Iraq war.

After the subtle Cressida’s disappearance in the wilds of Adirondacks, who was alleged raped and murdered by Bret Kincaid he confess the crime with his blurred memoirs of the war.

No body is found and Kincaid is accused go Cressida’s murder and he is sent to the death row.

But since nothing seems as it looks like, Cressida reappears alive but suffering with a grave case of pneumonia.

Another splendid book by Joyce Carol Oates.

3* Missing Mom
4* Carthage
TR Marya
TR Bellefleur
TR Jack of Spades
TR We Were the Mulvaneys
TR The Falls
TB Blonde
TR The Accursed
TR Black Water
TR The Virgin in the Rose Bower
TR A Garden of Earthly Delights


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