Book review: A Distant Hero by Emma Drummond, Elizabeth Darrell

A Distant HeroA Distant Hero by Emma Drummond

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the family saga of the Ashleighs of Knightshill.

The patriarch and master of Knigtshill, General Sir Gilliard Ashleigh is mainly concerning with two important social events: the Khartoum Dinner which is provided by the military guests who revived, memories of their brave lives; the Waterloo Ball, a dinner made in honour the memory of the family hero.

Sir Gilliard has four living grandsons and granddaughters: Vorne, a supposed hero in the Karthoum siege (A Question of Honor); Vere who become his heir on the death of Vorne, a painter of battles; Caroline, who had a love affair with an Italian poet while her husband was in India; she left her daughter Kate in order to be raised with her sister, Charlotte; and finally Valentine, the eldest grandson who decided to enlist at the 57th Lancers Cavalry Regiment by using his middle name, Martin Havelock.

In this second volume of this saga, the Boer War is described with some details through Val’s eyes, showing some interesting aspects of this important war in South Africa.

Its sequel is Act of Valour.

5* Beyond All Frontiers
4* A Question of Honour
4* A Distant Hero
TR Forget The Glory
TR Scarlet Shadows
TR The Burning Land

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