Book review: The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk

The Museum of InnocenceThe Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk

My rating: 3,5 of 5 stars

This is a story of a love triangle involving Kemal – son of a wealthy Turkish family, his fiancée Sibel – daughter of another rich family and Füsun, a young shop girl by who Kemal is obsessively attracted to.

By telling the story of these three young people, the author describes the behavior of Istanbul bourgeoisie in the 1970s.

Once Kemal breaks their marriage engagement, Sibel decides to move on and marries another man. Kemal and Sibel will only re-encounter each other 31 years later.

Throughout his obsession and fantasy, Kemal starts to collect small Füsun’s personal objects in order to remind him of the great moments of love shared with Füsun. On the other hand, his beloved decides to marry a future film maker instead of saying with Kemal.

When Kemal’s life turns upside down (no spoilers here), he decides to build “the museum of innocence” which gives the tittle to this book.

This museum is based on several personal museums built in honor of famous writers and artists, such as:

The F.M.Dostoevsky Museum

Saint Petersburg’s Vladimir Nabokov House Museum

Musée Marcel Proust

The Spinozahuis museum

Luigi Pirandello’s House Museum

The Baltimore Poe House and Museum

Casa Museo Mario Praz – one of the author’s favorite.

Musée Flaubert d’histoire de la médecine

Even if this book is excessively long, the author manages to keep the reader’s attention since this book is written with several hints of poetry and humor as well.

4* Snow
2* My Name is Red
3,5 The Museum of Innocence
TR Silent House


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