Book review: Answer as a Man by Taylor Caldwell

Answer as a ManAnswer as a Man by Taylor Caldwell

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Like in Captains and the Kings published in 1972, (see my review here), Taylor Cadwell wrote another magnificent novel on the “American Dream.”

By telling the story of Jason Garrity’s family, showing how a poor Irish community who emigrated to America managed to become healthy and rich people.

However, some family and hidden secrets combined with financial troubles due to the approach of World War I, makes Jason to revise his moral convictions since his dreams will be shortly destroyed by a destiny’s faith.

4* The Arm and the Darkness (see my review here)
5* A Pillar of Iron (see my review here)
4* Dear and Glorious Physician
4* The Earth Is the Lord’s: A Tale of the Rise of Genghis Khan (see my review here)
4* The Final Hour (see my review here)
5* Captains And The Kings
2* The Romance of Atlantis
3* The Late Clara Beame
3* Ceremony of the Innocent
4* Answer as a Man
TR Dynasty Of Death (The Eagles Gather, The Final Hour)
TR The Wide House
TR Testimony of Two Men
TR This Side of Innocence
TR Glory and the Lightning
TR Never Victorious, Never Defeated


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