Book review: An Equal Music by Vikram Seth

An Equal MusicAn Equal Music by Vikram Seth

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This is the story of the Maggiore Quartet composed by Michael, Piers, Helen (brother and sister) and Billy.

However the main plot involves the love story between Michael – a music student in Vienna and Julia McNicol, a pianist.

After a nervous breakdown, Michael unexpectedly leaves Vienna as well as Julia. A few months later, we didn’t manage to contact Julia.

By a faith of destiny, ten years later, Michael saw her in a bus in London, tries to pursuit her but she got lost in the traffic.

While in a concert of the Maggiore Quartet, she attends on of their concerts and the meets Michael again. However, now she is a married woman with a young son.

When Michael and Julia meets he learns through her son that she is gradually going deaf due to an autoimmune disease. Even so, Julia agrees to join then to a tour in Venice and Venice where their love story becomes vivid again. However, life reserves some surprises to these main characters.

I really liked the book, not with the same intensity as with “A Suitable Boy” and the reading was slow-paced in the first half of the book. And perhaps if I had a more deep knowledge on classic piano music, I would enjoy more this book.

3* A Suitable Boy
3* An Equal Music
TR Two Lives


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