Book review: The Little Friend by Donna Tartt

The Little FriendThe Little Friend by Donna Tartt

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the story of two families, the Dufresnes and the Ratliffe living in Alexandria, Mississipi.

Their stories become intertwined when a nine-year old Robin Dufresnes is found hanged during Mother’s Day.

The plot works as a flashback coming the story forward to the present days where the main characters try to solve this mysterious death.

Harriet, one of Robin’s sisters, plays the main role in this investigation work, by showing her rebellious and inquiring nature. Through her obsession and her grief, she tries to revenge his brother who she never knew.

By describing the American way of life of these two families in the 70’s, the author described the social and moral values of a typical Southern community.

Even if this book is a little bit long, one never get tired of the narrative, since the plot is fast-paced all along the whole book. The scene involving the snakes are scary but are quite unforgettable.

4* The Secret History
5* The Goldfinch
4* The Little Friend


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