Book review: Brief Lives by Philip Meeks

Brief LivesBrief Lives by Philip Meeks
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

From BBC Radio 4 – Drama:
Return of the series about Frank Twist and his team of legal representatives. A naked young woman is arrested for protesting against the fur trade, but this is just the beginning of a tortuous maze for Frank.

Episode 2:
Frank and Sarah drive to the country to celebrate a friend’s eightieth birthday but find themselves in the centre of a family tragedy going back decades.

Episode 3:
Frank’s mate Mickey is organising a surprise birthday party for his young wife Magda, but she is implicated in a crime that might blow their marriage apart. Meanwhile Ronnie is becoming involved with a charismatic older man who runs a voluntary organisation.

Episode 4:
A black teenager is arrested for the suspected murder of his friend. It seems they had an argument over a mobile phone that got out of hand. But Frank discovers that the case is not so straightforward. They are both the sons of senior policemen.

Episode 5:
A journalist is arrested for being in possession of a police disciplinary report. He believes this reveals police corruption. He wants Frank to help him stop a massive cover up. But Frank needs some persuading.

Director/Producer Gary Brown.


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