Marjorie Bowen: free ebooks available at Project Gutenberg Australia

Marjorie BOWEN (1886-1952), George R Preedy, Joseph Shearing, John Winch, Robert Paye — pseudonyms of Gabrielle Margaret Vere CAMPBELL
   As “Marjorie Bowen”Historical Fiction

  • The Viper of Milan (1906) [set in 14th century Lombardy]–TextZIPHTML
  • The Master of Stair [The Glen o’ Weeping] (1907) [John Dalrymple, 1st Earl of Stair, 1648-1707]–TextZIPHTML
  • A Moment’s Madness (1908)–HTML
  • The Sword Decides (1908)–HTML
  • The Leopard and the Lily (1909)–HTML
  • History of the Netherlands (Refer to the Preface in William by the Grace of God, below, for details):
    • Prince and Heretic (1914) [William I, Prince of Orange]–TextZIPHTML
    • William by the Grace of God (1916)–HTML
    • William of Orange Trilogy
      * I Will Maintain (1910)–TextZIPHTML
      * Defender of the Faith (1911)–HTML
      * God and the King (1911) [James II, King of England, 1633-1701]–TextZIPHTML
  • The Quest of Glory (1912) [Luc de Clapiers, Marquis de Vauvenargues]–TextZIPHTML
  • The Rake’s Progress (1912)–HTML
  • The Soldier from Virginia (1912) [George Washington]–HTML
  • Lovers’ Knots (1912)–HTML
  • The Governor of England (1913) [Oliver Cromwell]–HTML
  • A Knight of Spain (1913) [Don Juan of Austria]–TextZIPHTML
  • God’s Playthings [Short Stories] (1913)–HTML
  • The Two Carnations (1914)–HTML
  • Because of these Things (1915)–TextZIPHTML
  • The Carnival of Florence (1915)–HTML
  • The Third Estate [Eugénie] (1917) [French Revolution]–HTML
  • Kings-at-Arms (1918) [King Karl XII of Sweden–HTML
  • The Burning Glass (1918) [Julie de Lespinasse]–HTML
  • Mr. Misfortunate {Charles Edward Stewart (Stuart) [Bonnie Prince Charlie]} (1919)–HTML
  • Boundless Water (1926)–HTML
  • Nell Gwyn: A Decoration (1926)–HTML
  • Dickon [Richard III] (1929)–TextZIPHTML
  • Dark Rosaleen (1932) [Lord Edward Fitzgerald]–TextZIPHTML
  • Queen’s Caprice (1933) [a.k.a. Double Dallilay] [Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots]–TextZIPHTML
  • The Man with the Scales (1954)–HTML

‘Supernatural’ Novels and Stories

  • Black Magic [Novel]–TextZIPHTML
  • Collected Twilight Stories Vol. I (A PGA Compilation)–TextZIPHTML
  • Collected Twilight Stories Vol. II (A PGA Compilation)–TextZIPHTML
  • The Bishop of Hell and Other Stories (1949)–TextZIPHTML
  • The Last Bouquet: Some Twilight Tales (1933)–TextZIPHTML

Other Short Stories

  • The Harper’s Stories (A PGA/RGL compilation)–HTML
  • The Seven Deadly Sins (A PGA/RGL compilation)–HTML
  • Cambric Tea–HTML
  • The Gilt Mask–HTML
  • The Follies of Youth (1914)–HTML
  • Jacqueline, a Story of the French Revolution (1916)–HTML

Non Fiction

  • William Prince of Orange 1650-1673 (1928)–HTML
  • Sundry Great Gentlemen: Some Essays in Historical Biography (1928)–HTML
  • Mary Queen of Scots (1934)–HTML
  • Patriotic Lady (1935) [Emma, Lady Hamilton and Lord Nelson]–TextZIPHTML
  • William Hogarth: The Cockney’s Mirror (1936)–HTML
  • Some Famous Love Letters (1937)–HTML
  • Crowns and Sceptres–The Romance and Pageantry of Coronations (1937)–HTML
  • In The Steps of Mary, Queen Of Scots (1952)–HTML

   As “Joseph Shearing”

  • Forget-me-Not (1932)(a.k.a The Strange Case of Lucile Clery; Lucile Clery, Woman of Intrigue)–TextZIPHTML
  • Album Leaf (a.k.a. The Spider in the Cup) (1933)–HTML
  • Moss Rose (1934)–HTML
  • The Angel of the Assassination (Biography of Charlotte De Corday) (1935)–HTML
  • The Lady and the Arsenic (Marie Cappelle, Madame Lafarge) (1937)–HTML
  • Aunt Beardie (1940)–HTML
  • The Crime of Laura Sarelle (1940)–HTML
  • The Golden Violet (1941) (a.k.a. Night’s Dark Secret) [set in Jamaica in the 1830s]–HTML
  • The Spectral Bride (1942)–HTML
  • So Evil My Love (a.k.a. For Her to See) (1947)–HTML
  • Mignonette (1948)–HTML

   As “George R Preedy”

  • General Crack (1928)–HTML
  • Bagatelle and Some Other Diversions (1930)–HTML
  • The Rocklitz (a.k.a. The Prince’s Darling) [Magdalena Sibylla von Nietschutz] (1930)–HTML
  • The Poisoners (1936)–HTML
  • The King’s Favourite (a.k.a. My Tattered Loving; The Overbury Mystery) (1937)–TextZIPHTML
  • Nightcap and Plume (1945) [Gustaf III, King of Sweden]–HTML
  • No Way Home (1947)–HTML
  • Beltarbet’s Pride–HTML

   As “Robert Paye”

  • Julia Roseingrave (1933)–HTML

   As Mrs Vere Campbell/Margaret Campbell

  • Ferriby (1907)–HTML
  • The Debate Continues: The Autobiography of Marjorie Bowen (1939)–HTML

2 thoughts on “Marjorie Bowen: free ebooks available at Project Gutenberg Australia

  1. What a coincidence, Laura. The Nutshell Cubbyhole is just finishing up a week of “Cambric Tea.” Since I’m not a great fan of short stories, I don’t participate often, but I noticed that title. I don’t know who nominated it. It may be that Cheryl heard you mention it and decided it would be a good one for the group. She’s always on the lookout.

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