Book review: Vanessa by Hugh Walpole

VanessaVanessa by Hugh Walpole
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Free download available at Project Gutenberg Australia.

Free download available at Faded Page.

Vanessa is the fourth book of the six-volume series “The Herries Chronicles.”

Even if some editors claim that this is final volume of the Herries Chronicles, the saga will continue with two more books, The Bright Pavilions and Katherine Christian.

The book begins with Judith’s 100th birthday party and we do regret her death since she was one of the most predominant and memorable character of this series, since its second volume.

During the plot, Vanessa’s father dies in tragic circumstances (no spoilers here) and the love triangle between Vanessa, Ellis and Benjie deepens.

Two new characters will show up in this book: the mid-brothers Sally and Tom. And lets hope someone will publish Judith’s memories.

As historical background, we have the Boer war, the Great War, and the period between War I and II.

This is one of the best family saga I have ever read, so far. And once you start to read this series, you won’t be able to stop reading it.

Loc 6352:
No man escapes the past, nor the fields where he was as a boy if that poison is in his blood. With some of us it is, with some of us it isn’t. What do Thirty or Violet or Ellis care for this country? That’s why they’ll never understand us nor why we do what we do! We are the gipsies, with the smell of the ground always in our nostrils. That’s our history, mixed up with the country, with Cumberland, with England.

Loc 9220:
As a family (for they had only the slenderest connection with the Scottish Herries) in 1730 they had been nothing, in 1780 a little something, in 1820 people were aware of them, in 1850 they counted, in 1900 they were prominent, and now in 1930 the were everywhere….


Herries Chronicles series:
5* Rogue Herries
5* Judith Paris
5* The Fortress
5* Vanessa
TR The Bright Pavilions
TR Katherine Christian

Rising City series:
TR The Duchess of Wrexe
TR The Green Mirror
TR The Captives

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