Book review: Tracks by Matthew Broughton

TracksTracks by Matthew Broughton

From BBC radio 4:
The first in a major new nine-part conspiracy thriller, starring Romola Garai. Written by Matthew Broughton.

1/9: When Dr Helen Ash witnesses the brutal and disturbing crash of the plane that is carrying her father, the incident sets her on an investigation into a dark conspiracy. Florian Chauvin was flying to Wales to tell his daughter something important, but his plane fell out of the sky.
What was Florian coming to tell Helen? Who was he travelling with? And why did his plane crash?

2/9: Florian Chauvin was flying to Wales to tell his daughter Helen something important, but his plane fell out of the sky. Now Helen wants to know why. In the aftermath of the crash, Helen and Freddy investigate why one of the passengers doesn’t seem to have a heart.
What was Florian coming to tell Helen? Who was in his party of five? And how is the shadowy medical corporation, Mayflower, implicated in the plane crash?

3/9: Following a mysterious phone call, the crash of Flight 259 is declared an accident. Nothing makes sense anymore. And, as Helen continues investigating Florian’s fellow passengers, she uncovers another disturbing medical mystery.
Is Florian somehow to blame for everything? And will Helen be able to find her father before someone more dangerous does?

4/9: Determined to discover who’s responsible for the plane crash, Helen continues her search for her father. But when child services become involved, new information points Helen in the direction of the Iraq war.
How is Florian connected to the little boy in the coma? And have Helen and Freddy been chasing the wrong lead?

5/9: Confined to her hospital bed, Helen is desperate to continue her investigation into the plane crash and find her missing father, Florian. But with the mystery child locked in a coma upstairs in the same building, is Helen safe?
Where is Florian Chauvin? What did he do to the little boy? And is Helen on the right drugs?

6/9: As Helen uncovers disturbing details of a dark and illicit industry, she enters territory more vast and dangerous than she could ever have imagined.
What was the medical experiment carried out on the boy in the coma? And how does it connect to the plane crash?

7/9: Helen is kidnapped by the organ traffickers she has been investigating. To make matters worse, so is her mother, Rosie. As they wait for death in a tiny room, the secrets between them begin to unravel.
What do the traffickers want with them? Will they get out alive? And why won’t Rosie talk about Helen’s mysterious long-lost sister Elizabeth?

Tracks: A story in nine parts about life, death and the human brain.

Original music by Stu Barker

Directed in Wales by James Robinson.

Review of Episode One The Guardian.


Episodes 1,2,5,8,9 – James Robinson @mcgrin

Episodes 3,4,6 – Helen Perry @bellaperry

Episode 7 – Abigail Le Fleming @haywarddollerton

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